Why do many printers look the same?

Why do many printers look the same?

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Branding,,Branding,,Branding,,. These are the three most important words in today’s web-retail environment. Manufacturers want to have a full line of products to offer end users.  As an end-users change, grow, and hopefully, increase security manufacturers want them to stay under their brand umbrella.

To do this, manufacturers need to have a full line-up of products to meet the changing needs of customers.  It’s very expensive to design, build, market, and support new lines of products, so the most commonly “cloned” printer is the units that are the most complex and expensive to manufacture themselves.

Exhibited in this blog post’s Featured Image are three printers that are all manufactured by the same company  – headquartered in Japan.  Each unit has the same print-engine but has some subtle tweaks to the plastic housing, input/output hoppers or firmware.

Other “cloned” printers are not so easily differentiated, so buyer beware!  Manufacturers today are creating special brands, models, and unique part numbers for their integrators and resellers.  These units can look identical and in most cases, the ribbons will not be interchangeable.  Here are some examples: Datacard SD160, Datacard SD260, etc.

Reputable integrators and resellers will admit that their ribbons are unique to their printer model or part numbers, but be sure to ask if unsure.  One does not want to be forced into buying from a supplier of which they may not like very much.

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