Zebra ZC100

Zebra ZC100 Printer
ㆍ MSRP: $1595
ㆍ Color cost per print: $0.35
ㆍ Type: Simplex
ㆍ Speed Color: 24sec/card
ㆍ Warranty: 2-year warranty

Zebra ZC100 is a single-sided card printer dedicated to slim and colored card designs.
General Description
It has resizing technology, which makes it possible to adjust the thickness of the cards.
It has a compact design that fits well in any office space.
The printer incorporates direct to card printing technology.
It also has a high output of 150 cards per hour for colored cards. This can be scaled up to 700 cards per hour if monochromatic cards are desired.
Zebra ZC100 features;
• Multiplatform compatibility; mac, windows, and android
• Dedicated software
• Wireless and wired connection
• Magnetic Strip encoding
• Data encryption during printing


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