Fargo (HID) HDP5000 Simplex Retransfer

Fargo (HID) HDP5000 Simplex Retransfer
ㆍ MSRP: $3995
ㆍ Color cost per print: $0.51
ㆍ Type: Simplex Retransfer
ㆍ Speed: 29 sec/card
ㆍ Warranty: 3-year warranty

Fargo hdp5000 Simplex Retransfer is a single-sided card printer that is compact and versatile.
General Description
The printer uses direct-to-card and reverse transfer printing technology.
It is capable of a rewritable card and UV printing.
UV printing is suitable for security protection.
Fargo hdp5000 produces 200 cards per hour, which are colored. This is a speed of 24 seconds for every card.
It also provides edge-to-edge printing for superior, non-white border quality.

Fargo hdp5000 features;
• Single side printing
• Dedicated card Printing Software
• Image capture
• USB connections (2.0)
• Magnetic Stripe encoding
• Rewritable Card capabilities
• Compatibility with Windows system drivers

Optional Features include;
• Lamination
• Wireless Connections


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