Fargo (HID) HDP5000 Duplex Retransfer

Fargo (HID) HDP5000 Duplex Retransfer
ㆍ MSRP: $4995
ㆍ Color cost per print: $0.59
ㆍ Type: Duplex Retransfer
ㆍ Speed: 40 sec/card
ㆍ Warranty: 3-year warranty

Fargo (HID) HDP5000 is a Duplex Retransfer card printer with a compact design.
General Design
It incorporates HID proximity card readers.
This is the latest card printing technologies in the market.
Fargo HDP5000 utilizes HD Dye sublimation and Resin Thermal Transfer Printing technologies.
It features a duplex card output at 77 cards per hour.
The printer offers multicolor printing capabilities.
It comes with an LCD control and display panel for user interfacing.
Fargo HDP5000 features;
• Software drivers
• USB Connection (2.0)
• Ethernet Connection
• Compatibility with Windows OS (7,8, 10).
• Compatibility with Windows Server (2008, 2012).
• Encoding for Magnetic stripe
• Encoding for Smart Chips (Contact and contactless)
• Card lamination


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