Evolis Primacy Printer

Evolis Primacy Printer
ㆍ MSRP: $1990
ㆍ Color cost per print: $0.36
ㆍ Type: Simplex
ㆍ Speed Color: 19sec/card
ㆍ Warranty: 3-year warranty

Evolis Primacy Printer is a card printer designed to be fast and multipurpose.
General Description
It is capable of single-sided and double-sided printing.
It utilizes resin thermal printing, dye sublimation and direct- to – card printing technologies.
It is capable of both colored and monochrome card printing.
The printing output is edge-to-edge and on thin cards.
It prints 225 cards an hour and 100 cards an hour for colored and monochrome cards respectively.
Evolis Primacy features-
• Dedicated Software
• Standard USB connection (1.0, 1.1,2.0,3.0)
• Ethernet and Wireless capabilities
• Smart contact and contactless card encoding
• Magnetic Stripe encoding
• Card Lamination Capabilities( Dual Sided)
• Multiple OS compatibility; Mac OS, Windows OS, and Linux OS.

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