Are “Prox” card secure?

Are “Prox” card secure?

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In short, no, not any longer.

The technology behind the 125kHz proximity cards has been around for years.  The inventor of RFID, Charlie Walton, recently passed away.  His invention innovated the security market and created the basis of most access control systems – the contactless card key.

At one point, a large well-known door lock and access control conglomerate held a patent on the technology for use in access control.  As they were the key source of the technology and limited access to it, it inherently kept it more secure.  This patent has since expired and many large and small manufacturers and security integrators are now able to create proximity cards.

The influx of new supplier has drastically reduced the cost of a proximity card, but because cards can now be read and duplicated by more and more suppliers in search of a quick buck, the security of ones key card has greatly reduced.

If one is seeking a truly secure card to protect access to sensitive areas, there are stronger options than proximity cards.

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