• No Photo ID = No COVID-19 Test for Millions?

    ORLANDO, FL, April 2, 2020 -- More than 25 MILLION American adults do not have a government-issued p

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  • DHS Acting Secretary Chad Wolf Statement on the REAL ID Enforcement Deadline

    Release Date: March 26, 2020 “Due to circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and the n

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  • Why do many printers look the same?

    Branding,,Branding,,Branding,,. These are the three most important words in today's web-retail envir

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  • Retransfer Printing vs Direct to Card

    Both Retransfer (RTF) and Direct to Card (DTC) use a thermal print head to transfer dye-sublimation

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  • Are “Prox” card secure?

    In short, no, not any longer. The technology behind the 125kHz proximity cards has been around fo

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  • Why are holograms so expensive?

    The use of holograms to secure documents is common-place today.  In ones wallet there will be a num

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